Holden Electric has one of the lowest EMR for our industry

Our safety slogan is “Safety isn’t just for you.” Holden Electric takes our safety program serious and we are very proud of our result. Currently we have one of the lowest EMR for our industry. The crews inside and out are required to stretch for 5 minutes every morning. We have mandatory tool box talks every Monday. Once a quarter we have a mandatory safety meeting at the shop. Holden Electric meets quarterly with the safety committee to set the agenda for the quarterly meeting and discuss any new products, equipment or training to keep our employees safe.

Our safety precautions:

  • Daily job site inspection and stretching
  • Weekly tool box talks
  • Quarterly safety meeting
  • Near miss and that-a-boy reporting
  • MSHA training
  • OSHA training
  • Lift and scaffolding training
  • Class A & B drivers training